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We’ve all heard it before, you are what you eat.

The truth is one-size-fits-all diets don’t actually work for everyone.

Wouldn’t it be great if instead of simply counting calories or focusing on “more vegetables,” we worked together to figure out exactly what your individual body needs and what will realistically fit into your lifestyle?

New studies come out every day pointing to the Food-Mood connection and how gut-inflaming foods and nutritional deficiencies can contribute to concentration problems, depression, memory decline, obesity disease, psychiatric disorders, chronic illnesses, and more.


  • 20 to 30 minute Warm-Up Call to assess needs and Next Steps.
  • 60 minute personal One-on-One Assessment to review history and current symptoms.
  • 3 levels of Nutrition Labs using non-invasive hair and saliva labs that are safe for all ages (infants too!).
  • 60 minute Feedback Session to review results, offer recommendations, and create a step-by-step individualized nutrition plan.
  • 30 to 60 minute in-person or virtual nutrition counseling sessions that include food-mood interventions, recommendations for nutraceuticals,Products derived from food sources with extra health benefits in addition to the basic nutritional value found in foods. and practical meal planning.
  • Check-ins with Behavioral Health Coordinator (BHC)A BHC is our special team member who helps guide and support your care across providers. Think of the BHC as your personal go-to care advocate and motivator! to review progress and coordinate care.

Our Integrative Nutritionists will help you discover what’s going on at the root of your nutritional health and how it affects your food and mood.

Using tools like Nutrition Labs, tracking, health history, and specialized food programs, we will work with you to develop an individualized plan including which foods to avoid, which to eat more of, and which supplements and nutraceuticalsProducts derived from food sources with extra health benefits in addition to the basic nutritional value found in foods. will help you reach your health goals faster.

Make nutrition part of your mental health and wellness plan!

Functional nutrition can address a variety of health areas from digestive concerns, constipation, food cravings, weight issues, chronic pain, skin problems, hormone imbalances, mood, to brain development.

Genetic Testing

Your genes are as unique as you are. They are the blueprint of you, and only you. Genetic testing is a powerful new tool which allows the tailoring of nutrition, exercise, and many other health improvement efforts to your specific needs.

Generic programs that are designed to work for “most people” don’t take your individual needs into account. Imagine being able to take control of your health with a precise roadmap that will empower you to put together a program that is tailored to fit in you genes (wink!).

We have partnered with 3X4 Genetics testing which gives insights to help you understand your health better, with clear and actionable recommendations based on your genetics. It’s non invasive, and only requires a cheek swab, done at home.

Here’s just some of the value you will get with your results

  • Optimal Diet – Find out how well your genes set you up to process nutrients such as gluten, folate, vitamin D, caffeine and many more
  • Heart Health – find out how your genes are supporting your heart health and how you can support your cardiovascular system
  • Hormones – find out how well your hormones work and get insights about whether your genes support you taking hormones, such as a contraceptive pill or testosterone
  • Exercise – find out what training works best for your genetic profile, how to get fit and avoid injury by training smarter
  • Brain Health – look to your genes to see what you can do to optimize your memory as you get older, and how to change your diet and supplements for better moods

Check out why Stepping Stone Clinic is an exceptionally unique clinic where you can combine many areas of health into one visit– these integrated services can take you from surviving to thriving at any age and stage.

nutrition labs pricing

Learning about your ancestry is pretty cool.

Learning about your genetic health is REALLY COOL.

Harness your genetic profile to take more control of your health.

Give yourself the gift of Genetic Testing (orange column below) by Stepping Stone Clinic.


Hair and Saliva Sample

Environmental Sensitivities Determines close to 1,000 potential food and environmental sensitivities focused on external sources outside of food

Food Sensitivities Determines close to 350 potential food and environmental sensitivities focused on food and beverage intake

Nutritional Deficiencies Identifies deficiencies in the following areas: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, neurotransmitters and fatty acids

Neurotransmitter Levels Determines if the body is producing too much or too little of certain hormones related to brain and mood functioning





*** Finger Poke Required ***

Food & Additive Sensitivities 176 different sensitivities available via mobile app to help with grocery shopping and dining choices

Intestinal Wall/Barrier Function:

Excess Yeast (Candida) We measure and use any candida overgrowth in the stomach/dysbiosis as a precursor to leaky gut occurrence

Zonulin Zonulin is a marker of intestinal permeability, otherwise known as leaky gut; elevated zonulin levels indicate that the normal regulation of the tight junctions is compromised

Occludin Occludin is a marker of tight junction stabilization and optimal barrier function; elevated occludin indicates that the tight junctions are breaking down

Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) Elevated levels of antibody against LPS may be indicative of Leaky Gut Syndrome and other gastrointestinal inflammatory diseases



Saliva Sample

Optimal Diet folate, vitamin, choline, salt, caffeine, fatty acids, gluten, iron overload

Cardiovascular Health blood clotting, vascular health, blood pressure, cholesterol, adipogenesis

Hormones reproductive hormones, insulin, mood, appetite/satiety

Exercise exercise response, energy expenditure, weight gain, weight loss resistance, endurance, recovery, inflammation

Brain Health methlyation, neurotransmitters, detoxification, oxidative stress, inflammation

Systems methlyation, neurotransmitters, detoxification, oxidative stress, inflammation


*Pricing shown is for lab testing only, and does not include additional consultation, billing and record care management fees, or other related clinical services which may be billed to your insurance.

the SSC steps to wellbeing

Warm-up Call

The first step is to schedule a free WARM-UP CALL that provides us a chance to get to know one another and start to develop an understanding of what is going on and how we can help.

Initial Evaluation

This is a chance to look at the whole-person and understand how to treat the person today, not from months or years ago. The process is individualized and can include specific testing. We  leave no stone unturned.

Treatment Plan

We take what we've discovered during the evaluation to map out a NEXT STEPS treatment plan and organize an integrated care team, including a Behavioral Health Coordinator (BHC)A BHC is our special team member who helps guide and support your care across providers. Think of the BHC as your personal go-to care advocate and motivator! as a guide through every step.

Team-Based Care

Our specialists collaborate to provide whole-person care that combines appropriate treatments for any stage of life – from infants to mature adults. These may include therapy, nutrition services, sensorimotor interventions, and life tools.

Ongoing Support

The BHCA BHC is our special team member who helps guide and support your care across providers. Think of the BHC as your personal go-to care advocate and motivator! helps navigate your transitions in care including stepping in and stepping out of services. We provide guidance through each step, adding life tools, wellness classes, and specialty support as needed.

meet our nutritionist

Brenna Thompson, MS, RD, LDN
Registered Dietician
Integrative Nutrition Specialist

Brenna Thompson is a registered and licensed dietitian, with a Master’s Degree in Applied Nutrition. She is originally from Cedar Falls, Iowa and completed her Undergraduate Degree at Minnesota State University, Mankato where she ran cross country and track for two years and then took up sprint triathlons for a few years.

After completing her Dietetic Internship at West Virginia University Hospital, she worked for Phoebe Sumter Memorial Hospital in Americas, Georgia. There she helped run the outpatient diabetes center and later developed the employee wellness dietitian position. She then went on to work at two health and wellness clinics before joining the Stepping Stone Clinic team.

She is passionate about teaching people how foods interact with their body and helping patients learn how what they eat affects how they feel. She has experience working with people who struggle with autoimmune disease, digestive disorders, cardio-metabolic disease, infertility and women's hormones, food sensitivities, chronic pain, binge eating, and just about anything in between.

Brenna believes no one eating style is right for every person: what works for some doesn't for others. She encourages patients to make changes they can stick with and support their goals.

In her free time, Brenna enjoys digging in her garden, and then coming up with creative ways to use the garden vegetables in her kitchen. She also loves camping with her husband, lifting weights, falling over in yoga, knitting, writing, chasing their child, and catching bigger fish than her husband.

take the first step to wellbeing

Stepping Stone Clinic offers a unique step-by-step approach to team-based mental health care that integrates and unites different treatments. We serve people of all ages and at all stages.

Come talk with our psychologists, nutritionists, occupational therapists, executive function coaches, and Behavioral Health Coordinators (BHC)A BHC is our special team member who helps guide and support your care across providers. Think of the BHC as your personal go-to care advocate and motivator! about our whole-person integrated care.


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